Curse of Chucky – The Summary

Curse of Chucky
Summarized by Author Coey Cain.
Absolutely nothing but *SPOILERS*
(if that’s possible, I think my retelling is better.)

I honestly don’t think I can ruin this movie any worse than it’s already ruined itself. Personally, I think I’m going to make it better by telling you about it. It’s far better than having to watch it, like I was asked to do by Author Catherine Stovall. This is all her fault. If you have any problem with this, send Catherine Stovall your hate mail, because after watching this film, my emotions couldn’t handle one more ridiculous thing.

It all began (for me) with a chili scene. Yes, a chili scene. A very long, extended, drawn-out, tedious, over-acted, ridiculous, monotonous, unnecessary, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat-with-anticipation, nothing happens… Chili Scene.

Here’s how it goes: there’s a bunch of people and they’re eating chili for, what feels like, twenty minutes. They mention several times how good and hearty it is, the little kid credits the oregano (because shockingly there’s no meat in it! ::eye roll::), they’re spooning chili into their faces – at close up – over and over. Then, their faces begin to scrunch up in disgust like there might be poo in it. They’re still eating. The little kid says it tastes bad (this is approximately five minutes after they all cheered in delight over how good this chili is). The preacher starts sweating. (I don’t know why there’s a preacher, I hadn’t been paying much attention because I was completely enthralled with Castle Story on my iPhone.) They’re still eating chili with a close-up of their mouths accepting the spoon. Ominous music is playing in the background and they keep eating chili.

These motherfuckers literally eat an entire bowl of chili and someone taped it. I’m not shitting you. Nothing happens. You think Chucky is going to, like, kill someone – but no. He just sits there like a doll and watches them eat for a good ten minutes.

Now, I was ready to give up. My time isn’t the most valuable time in the world, but I was positive I could find something more productive or entertaining to do than watch an entire group of people eat fucking chili – that’s a fact. But no. Cat talked me into finishing this shit, and since misery loves company, here we are because the ridiculous doesn’t end when they finish their chili.

So, let’s do a quick re-cap. I don’t recognize any of these actors aside from preacher man and he’s dead now, so it’s a non-issue.

There’s a handicapped woman whose mother gets killed in the beginning, please note I wasn’t paying attention. The “handi-capable” chick’s sister who comes to stay (to take care of her, I imagine) and the sister brings her husband, their little girl, and a nanny. I honestly don’t know why there was a preacher, but as I said, he dies. Don’t even worry about it. I think there’s an unwritten rule somewhere that horror movies must have a preacher in them. They make the preacher the most famous person in the movie and kill him. This preacher is the most recognizable person in the film and he’s like, “Just pay me. Kill me early on. Your movie sucks.” And he’s totally right.

Right when the film begins, Handi-capable’s mom asks her to get the door. The delivery guy is being friendly, whatever, and she asks her mom in giddy surprise, “Was that guy hitting on me?”

To which her mother replies, “Oh, honey, he was just being nice.”

Thanks, Mom. You’re super supportive and encouraging.

Anyway, the delivery guy had brought the mom a Chucky doll and she dies three minutes later, so you don’t even have time to hate her for shitting on her daughter’s confidence. It happens fast. Gets doll, throws it away, it’s night time, there’s a scream and then Handi-capable totally overreacts to seeing her mom’s blood spreading over the floor. It’s like the Miss America surprise face when they win. Only in this case, she doesn’t get a crown or flowers. She’s the winner of a brand new dead body. You know – that reaction… moving on.

I keep calling her “Handi-capable” because everyone treats her like an invalid dope and it obviously irritates the piss out of her. Cuz who could love a handicapped person? Right? Right? Yes, that’s the mentality happening all over the place in this film. “Good thing you’re my family or I would have to roll you off a cliff. You have no quality of life.”

They say stupid shit like, “Is that a new wheel chair? That’s really cool!” Because giving her genuine compliments would be a lie.

So, the sister, brother-in-law, niece, nanny, and preacher show up. The little girl has to take a tinkle and at this point, you’re pretty sure there’s something going on between the brother-in-law and the nanny. He’s eye-balling her sweet blonde ass and following her places and they’re waiting outside the bathroom for this little kid who’s old enough to pee by herself. You get to watch this kid take a tinkle and come to find out, Chucky is hiding behind the shower curtain. She screams, there’s this big to-do with the two adulterers trying to break into the bathroom, and this kid is just standing there, holding Chucky… but the dopey laugh she lets out is priceless. “He scared me! HUR, HUR, HUR!” It’s a really dopey laugh, even for a kid.

Never mind the fact that this ugly-ass doll is mysteriously moving around the house on his own – because they did. This doll is creeping everyone out, but not a single person thinks to get rid of it. Mind you, the mother tried and she got killed, but I would think of something better than throwing it in the kitchen trash can. I mean, it’s a really big fucking doll. It would be like taking a stereo speaker and throwing it in the kitchen trash. That’s going to piss someone off. You can’t put anything else in there after that. Now, someone else comes along to throw something away and the damn trash is full. All I’m saying is, it wasn’t bright or considerate to throw Chucky in the kitchen trash. Everybody knows you take the big shit straight out to the garage trash because that bastard can hold a Buick.

Anyway, back on point, the dad utters the phrase, “It’s a doll. What’s the worst that can happen?”

HUR, HUR, HUR! (Sorry, still thinking about that kid getting a chuckle out of herself for being scared.)

Chucky looks different. I don’t know if it’s just me, but he’s got a weird look about him in this one. Catherine says he looks like a drag queen. I think he kind of looks like a Teletubbie. If a Teletubbie did drag, you would have this version’s Chucky. Graphics and computer generated shit has come a long way, but not here, not in this. Not Chucky. If you want to watch this for the fright factor, remember that I said Teletubbie. That’s what you’re getting.

Every time there’s a scene change, a cop car pops up. That’s how you’ll know. If you see a cop car, they’re somewhere else now. They don’t want you to think this whole movie was shot in one house like a low-budget D-movie or anything. They want you to know they’re versatile and have the money to go other places (like the end of the driveway).

The coolest scene is the decapitation of the preacher. Like I said, the biggest names play the preacher and they get the coolest death scenes too. Take Danny Trejo, for example. The movie Zombie Hunter was pretty terrible, but somehow they got Danny to play the preacher who gets a cool death scene. Danny is an awesome dyer. His head got duct taped to a turtle and crawled across the desert with a bomb in it, for Christ’s Sake. He’s one of the coolest dudes of all time and looking at his resume, he’s a Yes Man who compulsively must work. He’s seventy years old and I don’t think he’s ever said ‘no’ to a movie offer. Ever.

Now, this dude ain’t no Danny Trejo, but he is Hispanic-looking and I’ve seen him before. I don’t know him by name, but I’ve definitely seen him during the 80’s and 90’s. Somewhere. I’m positive of it.

This movie is really ridiculous, I’m sorry I got side-tracked again. Back to the show.

So, once again, Chucky is missing and the adults are trying to find him for this kid who has developed an unnatural attachment to this Teletubbie Drag Queen doll. He pops up all over the place randomly, giving everyone a start, but no one is concerned past questioning gazes and curious head-tilts. Whatever. I have a bit of an aversion to dolls and here it is, twenty-five-years later, and they act like they’ve never seen Child’s Play before. Even Sidney Prescott has seen the movie “Stab” in the Scream movies. Are you telling me these people live in an alternate universe where no one has ever introduced the idea of living, murderous dolls to them? Not once?

So, the nanny is trying to find the doll for this kid, but she gets side-tracked by kid’s mother and they start up a serious make-out session. HUR, HUR, HUR! (that’s not going to get old anytime soon.) Here we thought for sure that the dad was gittin’ sum. Turns out, mommy is a big old lezzie. Not many people can pass up a hot blonde.

Meanwhile, Handi-capable is the heroine who finds Chucky (who was just watching tv with dad) and jumps on her handy-dandy elevator where she gets stuck with this creepy elusive doll from hell. She’s calling for help, rings the elevator buzzer and then… get this… get this…

The lesbian sister is tonguing the nanny so hard, she can’t be bothered. (I mean kissing, not the other thing, stay with me.) She sighs in frustration, all irritated and shit, and she rolls her eyes. She tells the nanny, and I quote, “See? With her, it’s always something. She needs my help and then resents me for it.”

Before the chili scene, you should have seen the disbelief on her face that Handi-capable wanted to make dinner for six people. It’s the same way you react to a man who just told you he’s going to get his balls waxed. It’s dumbfounded mixed with fright and riddled with humor, but you can’t laugh because that’s your man and you’re worried about his safety and his mentality all at the same time. You understand at this point, due to the seriousness on his face, that he wants to do this: he wants to wax his balls, but you already know he can’t. He had a cold last month, wrote his own obituary, gave you explicit details on his burial desires, rationed out his electronics to his bros, and you know he’ll never survive a ball-waxing. He just won’t. He can’t.

That’s exactly how sister acted when Handi-capable wanted to fix dinner. ::face palm::

So, instead of letting Handi-capable out of the elevator, the lesbians chat and complain about shit and call Handi-capable a hot mess.

Out of nowhere, the elevator powers on and Chucky pulls an Exorcist and spins his head all the way around to laugh at her. Once again, he spins his head around by himself when they get off the elevator… and not a damn person is catching on that there’s something totally fucked about this man-doll.

The child tells the mom about all this crazy shit Chucky says and, of course, mom thinks kid is a liar, but goes along with it. “Life is a motherfucker and then you die? You sure daddy didn’t tell you that?”

The nanny gets electrocuted by her laptop while dirty web-cam-ing with the mom in the same room as the sleeping child. Like, here’s how it goes down: the child is asleep in the room she’s sharing with the nanny. The nanny comes in and strips down to bra and panties, dials up the mom, they make kissy faces at each other, and then the nanny looks over and Chucky is standing at the end of her bed. So, of course, she just stares at him in horror. He kicks over a little pail of water which floods a five foot radius, it hits the plug mounted in the floor and nanny sizzles.

It was pretty impressive, to say the least. My laptop shuts off on its own if I so much as blow it kisses. It’s zero tolerance. Sometimes it simply decides it’s had enough and powers down. No warning. It doesn’t even let me know it’s tired. I’m willing to bet I could drop it in a bathtub and nothing would happen. Especially not the fireworks show I just saw. The bitch sizzled like bacon. Maybe she should use a Sony Vaio. It would be safer. I doubt I could even get this thing to give a jolt equal to one of those trick hand shockers.

By the way, you know how the kid was in the room? She totally slept through the entire traumatic event. You know, some kids are so unaware and selfish.

It's the drugs.

It’s the drugs.

Shit hits the fan after that. The bitch sister gets offed, Handi-capable has a run-in with Chucky and manages to get away. She wakes up the dad who thinks Handi-capable is totally killing everybody in the house. The kid is missing and the level of ridiculous is growing by the moment. The dad ties up Handi-capable and decides to watch the recording on the nanny cam that he hid in Chucky’s OshKosh B’gosh overalls. ::smh::

One of the most special parts is when Handi-capable jumps out of her wheelchair to chase after her sister before she gets killed and drags herself up three flights of stairs.

Imagine this backwards.

Imagine this backwards.

Now, okay, dad watched the dirty nanny cam feed and he knows that Handi-capable wasn’t lying about the Chucky situation, but there’s no time for any heartfelt apologies, nor is there time to untie her, because Chucky sneaks up on them (while dad is watching him sneak up via the nanny cam. The fact that he’s watching himself get sneaked up on and he just sits there is… ::sigh::) and then Chucky runs over dad with Handi-capable’s wheelchair with Handi-capable still tied to it.

Chucky has an axe by now and it really got me thinking. He’s just a doll. Other than the fact that he’s a homicidal doll, he doesn’t have any superpowers. He can’t pick up a car or leap tall buildings or fuckin’ fly. The only thing this little turd has going for him is that he always finds weapons and maintains the element of surprise. He shocks people more stupider than they already are. They see him and just stand there like idiots, giving him time to murder them. Well, that’s not very logical. You could just kick him across the floor, smack him around, lock that bastard in a box, but he always gets the drop on these stupid people.

What's wrong with these people?

What’s wrong with these people?

He chopped off the dad’s jaw with the axe and dad dies immediately. I’m not sure if that would happen in reality. I don’t think losing a jaw is an immediately fatal wound. I’ve seen a guy who blew his whole face off with a crack pipe and he made it.

Anyway, Chucky goes after Handi-capable and gets his axe stuck in her numb crippled leg to the point that he’s not even strong enough to pull it out and you know what she does? She slaps that bitch in the face and he goes down like a sack of potatoes. There’s nothing super powered about him.

She takes the axe she pulled out of her own leg and cuts Chucky’s head off. Then she just rolls away, leaving him there. I know how this is going to go. I’ve seen it happen a hundred times. You never just walk away after a beheading. Possessed shit will always find a way to put themselves back together. Elementary shit, friend.

Sure enough, he puts his head back on and pushes her off the balcony. Her wheelchair explodes like Forrest Gump’s leg braces when it hits the first floor. Parts go everywhere. So much for her cool new wheelchair.

Flash to the backstory…

Shit gets doubly re-donk-culous. I don’t even want to tell you about it, it’s that fucking queer. (Queer means odd, unusual, strange – not that other thing jackasses made it out to be in order to insult people.) Fuck it, I’ll tell you. So, when Chucky was a real boy, he had terrible hair, and I’m guessing his test scores were below average. He’s just a weirdo and he has a thing for Handi-capable’s mom, who he ties up in a basement while she’s 20 months pregnant with a beach ball and brings her sunflowers. Lots and lots of sunflowers. Her husband died or got killed, I don’t really know. There was a funeral, he’s dead, now she’s tied to a bed in a basement, surrounded by ugly flowers. Then he says some creepy shit and tells her he’s part of the family now and then the cops show up. ::sigh:: So, all he’s left to do is knife the baby belly which is why Handi-capable isn’t named plain ol’ Capable in this movie summary. Oh, and then he runs away to escape the cops, gets shot in a toy store or something and does a voodoo witchcraft spell that summons lightening and transfers his soul over to the Teletubbie doll. Okay, that about sums up the backstory, let’s go back to real time and see what silliness is going on… Don’t worry, it’s almost over.

Handi-capable didn’t die. She’s just lying on the floor, taunting Chucky and laughing at him. “You can’t paralyze me! HUR, HUR, HUR!” He chases her into her elevator, she stabs him… he comes back, she screams and cut to the cop car.

Why are the cops here in the first place? The power in this house sucks balls and her phone never works. Did they sense trouble? Did Lassie help out on this one? The fuck are they doing here?

I have a feeling this is going to be hard to explain to the police… I can’t wait to hear what she’s going to say about all these dead people, a missing child, and then try to blame a doll. Just for a moment, try to imagine doing that in real life. I don’t care how many people I’ve seen Chucky kill, as the sole survivor, I’m pretty sure I’m going to jail. So why even mention it? Fuck it. Yes, I killed all these people. No, I don’t know anything about that doll. No, I don’t hear voices. I swear.

She does get blamed and gets put in the loony bin, and so far, that’s the most believable part in this movie.

A person would hope that was the end. After twenty-five years, they’ve managed to drive this Chucky franchise into the ground and it’s time to stop this insanity. Handi-capable is sentenced to the crazy-house for her crimes and then there’s more stupid to follow. Here’s the good part: they managed to scrape up enough money to afford Jennifer Tilly for a full minute right before the end. That’s right. You see Jennifer Tilly, in all her brilliance, for one minute and twelve seconds. I love Jennifer Tilly. Big time. I love that she’s a professional poker player, I love her persona… but for a minute and twelve seconds, I can’t recommend this movie to anybody with a thinking mind or as much as a sub-par respect for logic. This movie hurt my brain. I got a little bit dumber after having watched this.

I read a bunch of people’s responses after having watched this retardation of a film and I’m fucking floored. Here are a few comments:

Maria says:
This was DEFINITELY better than I expected!! I love a good scary film without all the gore but with enough scares to keep your heart racing and occasionally jumping out of your mouth!! heehee!!
(Did you guys HUR, HUR, HUR with me? Please say you did.)

Shao says:
Definitely did not expect it to be this good.

Marsmaid says:
At first I was annoyed with how long Chucky’s hair is (I am a traditionalist) but this was great. So much better than I expected!!!

newgurl says:
This movie was just as bad or even worse than The Seed of Chucky.

Ailleen says:
Crazy horror fun, don’t bother engaging your brain. enjoy.

I’m just… there isn’t… I don’t… it’s not…

::hanging head::

I have to go.

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  1. I completely agree with your summary. I watched this movie, and I regret that I can’t get the 90 minutes of my life back. I wish I had spent that time reading. Coey, your retelling was brilliant!

  2. As the person to blame for forcing Coey to watch it just so she would create this brilliant and uncanny re-count of how this movie sucked so bad that it could be the poster child for Dyson vacuum cleaners, I would like to add just one thing. WHY…why….why…did ‘Handi-capable’ not just tell the cops, hey there is a nanny cam, watch the footage?? Why damnit!!! With that being said, I only wish to compliment Coey on her ability to create something as awesome as this review from something as terrible as this movie. P.S. I’m sorry I made her watch it just to get to read her response, but it was so worth it.

    • Okay, I should edit because I was wondering about the nanny-cam footage as well. They already went full retarded, so what’s a few more yards of stupid? I’m not sure it’s even possible to make it make sense.

  3. I am dying!!! LOL! And guess what? I want to see it just so I can laugh my butt off. This is the best bad movie review ever!!! God, I can’t stop laughing. Hur hur hur!!!

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