Featured Like Lil Wayne

I’m on tour for The Elite next month so I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews and guest posts lately. Today, I’m writing a guest post all about how I got into writing.

I’ve put this one off for two days now while I pondered the question and here in a moment I’m going to bust that out like I mean it. Hopefully. All I can tell you is, I still haven’t wrapped my head around becoming a published author. Even after hitting the Top 100 list several times, I’m still in a fog.

Things have started a little early. I’ve hit a couple blogs already, so I’m totally counting them. First off, I did an interview on Paid by the Weird with┬áLynn Townsend. I’m not positive, but I think that’s the first interview I’ve done. I’ve also hit Elodie Parkes’ blog, which you should check out right here.

Well, did you? Are you gonna? Okay then…

UM… Okay, next…

As I’m writing this, I’m shopping music on Spotify, putting together a playlist for another interview, and looking out the window at the gray skies and dripping rain. I say ‘dripping’ because this does not count as rain. It’s just wet enough to make a bitch irritated that I can’t kick the dogs out of the house.

Oh, and today’s music is not pleasing me. Artists should do something about that, please and thank you.

I have a certain love for Lil Wayne I don’t understand, so everything I’m hearing with him in it is tolerable. He’s just the cutest lil thing, I don’t know how to explain it. If he weren’t so cute, I’d smack him in the face and tell him to watch his filthy mouth. However, it’s like when a toddler cusses. It just hits the humor sweet-spot and causes a giggle.

The only thing better than Lil Wayne would be a Coey Cain Featuring Lil Wayne Tour. I think we would tear some shit up together. Hell, he’s featured on everyone else’s shit. Why not come on board with me and hang out? Obviously he likes hanging out with other people, and I’m cool as hell, so there ya go. Someone call his agent and make it happen.

Then I started thinking… me and Lil Wayne have a lot in common. He’s featured on everyone else’s albums and I’m being featured on everyone else’s blogs.


2 thoughts on “Featured Like Lil Wayne

  1. Good luck on your blog tour! I’m not a big rap fan, but I do listen to it. I like Lil Wayne, but Jay Z is my all-time favorite. Tupac is runner-up. I tweeted your Blog Tour promo the other day. I’m not sure if my blogger followers responded to the email address listed in the post. I like to think they did because let’s face it, that book is awesome! I can’t wait for more people to get hooked on Joelie and Sender!

    • Thanks LeKeisha! I’m thrilled that it’s hit the Bestseller’s list several times now. I’d be even happier if it gets to the Top 10. lol. In the meantime, thank you for spreading the word. It’s my dream to have The Elite II out by the end of the year, so fingers crossed. :)

      And I admit, I’m not a huge rap fan, but I certainly don’t hate it either. lol.

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