Things Are Looking Up

You know when you wake up in the morning and shit is just running smooth? Me either… but yesterday, some problems got worked out and that’s all I want out of life.

Maybe now I can get back to focusing on my real job, eh?

I’ve decided I need to start making lists for myself. Reason #1: I think I suffer from short term memory loss. Reason #2: I don’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing. Reason #3: What was I talking about?

::sigh:: I can’t remember…

So anyway, this old man comes to the house yesterday and knocks on the door. I’m thinking, “What the hell is this? Get off my property.” Right? I mean, I’m a borderline recluse at this point. I live way out in the country among farms and other like-minded folks who enjoy their privacy. Never mind the fact that I’ve not been able to eat dinner in peace in over a year. So, I’m pissy with the guy.

He starts talking and I can’t focus on what he’s saying because I’m mostly concerned about the dogs trippin’ out over the fact that some stranger is on the property, which is the most excitement they’ve seen in months. “What!” I demanded, because I’m being disturbed and all I want is this guy to fuckin’ leave.

He starts asking me about a cannon. Excuse me, WHAT? I can’t quote him because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what he was saying. At one point, the puppies busted through the gate and I had to slam the glass door in the guy’s face to herd the dumbass dogs back to their secured area. Moving on… So, this guy is talking about a cannon, supposedly left on this property, and he wants it. You know what I’m talking about? A cannon that shoots cannon balls.

A Fucking Cannon!

A Fucking Cannon!

He mentions the previous owners and how he’s been talking to the “daughter” and the “brother-in-law” who said there was an old cannon from the 1800’s on this property… and he wants it. He’s some kind of Geologist and he’s interested in the “history”. Whatever.

I explain to the guy, “The previous owners are the previous owners.” They don’t own this land anymore and if he thinks, for one second, I give a shit what the previous owner’s “daughter” said about a canon, he’s out-his-damn-mind. You don’t walk onto someone’s property and start implying that the previous owners said you could have something. Everything and anything  that is here, is mine. Period. In other words, this old man is a presumptuous ass and he thoroughly irked me.

Back to work… life is ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Up

    • These good ol’ country folk around here think everyone is from here. I’m from the city and you’re on my property! haha.

      • Yes, that country life is like that. My Paternal Grandparents lived in the country and I spent my summers there. They had friendly neighbors. Not next door neighbors, next road neighbors. I forgot that more land and farm owners even lived out there. I liked the big property because we were never bored. We had every thing, volleyball nets, baseball diamonds, basketball courts. And all the adjoining property owners had kids our age. They came and went as they pleased. It wasn’t like that at home where I lived.

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